100% Natural

We believe you deserve real ingredients so we reimagined traditional approaches. We couldn't help but challenge the status quo. We've meticulously sourced natural ingredients such as celtic sea salt, coconut water and real fruits to blend Uthrive into a healthy hydration powerhouse the way nature intended. 

1200mg Electro-lytes

Hydration that actually hydrates! A superior balance of sodium, potassium and other key electrolytes that hydrateyour body faster. Whether you're having a sauna or hitting the gym you need a high electrolyte balance to bring you back to thriv'n. 

500mg Sodium

Let's stop giving our mate sodium a bad wrap! Sodium is the main electrolyte lost through sweat. To truly replenish lost fluids we need sodium to help bind all other fluid into our cells. Sodium is the secret weapon to feeling energised and getting you back doing more of what you love faster. 

Proudly Australian Owned & Made

For Those Invested In Their Health

  • Workouts

    Connecting with your fitness community to us is thriv'n. We love to see people get after it with like minded individuals, pushing and inspiring each other to challenge what's possible. To the coaches and leaders in these communities helping legends earn that sweat equity we salute you! Here is a fist bump from the Uthrive team. 

  • Recovery

    The benefits we gain from taking our recovery seriously are evident in so many ways. Whether you're chillin in an ice bath or sweating it out in the sauna we see a Uthrive by your side. Did you know you lose anywhere between 700-1500mg of sodium in a 45 min infrared sauna session. 

  • Sports

    Aussies love their sport, it's ingrained into our culture. Currently we are bombarded with marketing gimmicks to drink what our idol athletes drink. Uthrive genuinely has your back and best interest at heart. We want to see you wake up on Sundays feeling energised and ready to enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

  • Play

    Life needs to be lived and drinks need to be shared with your mates from time to time. We at Uthrive prefer vodka and a Uthrive lime making a tasty margarita to get the night flowing. The best part is zero hangover. Safe to say it's an electrolyte overdose. Stay safe and rid yourself of a hangover because guess what, it's possible!

  • Work

    We love our first responders, we give back by offering these legends wholesale cost Uthrive as it's critical they keep hydrated on the job. In addition we have admiration for all those ripping in on the tools, focusing hard in the office, teaching the next generation and all in between. Try a Uthrive in the morning when you wake up and see if that coffee can wait just a bit longer. 

  • Travel

    We love adventure as much as you epic humans do! Chasing the best waves, hiking to mountain tops or shredding the alps we can relate to. Flying abroad unfortunately is a recipe for dehydration due to altitude and the humidity inside a plane sitting around 12-21% rather than our normal 60-70%. Down a Uthrive before the flight and periodically balance water and salts throughout the haul.  

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
No More Cramps!

“I’m someone who’s had a lot of issues with cramping in the past. Since supplementing Uthrive I’m no longer cramping and from a performance standpoint that’s an extra 10%”
Jackson H

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