Kelapa to Coconuts!

Kelapa to Coconuts!

Heading to the land of the gods (Bali) where it all begun. Flying through the sky in a tube with wings, just me and my thoughts is where I find connection within myself. I feel a little coconuts at times with my unhealthy obsession for the healthiest of hydration. Changing a narrative one salty drink at a time isn't a walk in the park. It's more a run in the dark without a headlamp, tripping over, stumbling and picking yourself back up again. Each time though just a little more wiser with better night vision. 

I have always been a big believer in the role an environment plays on Uthrivn. When I feel a bit salty at life it's the balinese culture and environment that finds me again. I ooze creativity, feel lighter mentally, train 2-3 a days and my purpose is highlighted.

Where is that environment for you? It doesn't need to be a plane trip away it could be around the bend, wherever it is reconnect when you feel a little coconuts. 


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