Our WHY from the founder

So I stumbled across Uthrive by living an active lifestyle.

Uthrive was created by myself (Danny), nice to meet you all btw. The creation was to support my own journey of firefighting and living an active lifestyle. To give me the best opportunity to do more activity daily without the dehydration crash. 

A clean electrolyte drink that was ethical didn’t exist in the market. So I felt it was a responsibility to share my home made Bali concoctions derived from coconut water and celtic sea salt with more people. To offer people the ability to have a real choice. The ability to choose healthy instead of the alternative. To authentically offer REAL. This is simply my why.

I don't know about you guys but personally I wouldn't drink a non alcoholic beer to get drunk on a weekend. The same rings true with hydration. I wouldn't drink a non electrolyte drink to get hydrated...well I use to, but not anymore! 1200mg of specific electrolytes was crafted to ensure U-thrive. It was based on a feeling of increased performance that naturally evolved into what Uthrive is today. 

Now that Uthrive is formulated I intend to share as much knowledge as possible throughout Australia and beyond. To teach how hydration is gained and maintained. To offer a truth. To offer a real solution to a real problem dehydration. To give value to the people so they can optimise their own version of thriving. You can help by telling a mate to try some salt after their next sweaty session. Sodium has gotten a bad wrap, it actually binds fluid into our cells ;)

"For as long as Uthrive exists we will innovate products, offer authenticity to the people and consistently stay true to the why".


Thanks for the support to date legends! We love to see Uthrive!


Uthrive Founder 


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